Big data for marketers: Understand it, Use it, Leverage it

Although everybody is talking about it, there aren’t many of us who are clear about how the Big Data phenomenon will impact our day to day work.

How do we filter it? What are the new keys? What are the new tools and how can we make them coexist with our traditional tools?

To help you deal with this, we are promoting a study afternoon with two experts on this hottest of topics.

Hugues Rey, Chief Executive Officer of Havas Media Belgium, to set out the Belgian context and its challenges.

For Bruno Walther, co-founder of the Captain Dash agency in Paris, it is clear: the Pareto Principle does not exist. Basing your marketing approach on the famous 80/20 ratio is out of date.

By smashing the averages, we break down all the approaches to the promotion of the advertising message. This is what Big Data does and permits.

Big Data makes it possible to identify atypical behaviour, anomalies, the flaws in a marketing approach, something which earlier analytical approaches failed to do.

A programme that tackles different facets of the phenomenon and which is designed for an audience of marketeers who also work at a local level

And we will be doing this the BMMA way: create a discussion and inspire the marketing community with concrete ways forward.

Bruno Walther – CEO, Captain Dash

In 1995 Bruno Walther became the head of the private office of Brice Lalonde before, in 1997 becoming the Internet specialist for Alain Madelin. In 1997, together with Arnaud Dassier he created the web agency “l’Enchanteur des nouveaux médias”.
In 2005 he took the helm of the agency FCBI, before a year later taking on the chair of the agency DRAFTFCB (a merger of draft and fcb). In September 2007 he became CEO of OgilvyOne. In January 2010 he resigned his position at OgilvyOne to create a start-up with Gilles Babinet, Captain Dash, focusing on Big Data and the generation of cockpit marketing for marketing managers. In 2012, along with Gilles Babinet he was given the “Global Entrepreneur Public Award” in New York for his work with Captain Dash to make the planet more intelligent.

Hugues Rey – CEO, Havas Media Belgium

President of the TV Commission at CIM and Past President of the CIM Internet Commission; Founder of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. President of The UMA. Lecturer at the Solvay Brussels School (Université libre de Bruxelles).