An evening with Nicolas Kervyn de Meerendré

How to obtain the authorisations, backing and financing, while gathering technical skills in order to put segments of railway cars weighing between 8 tonnes and 30 tonnes inside a 100-year-old building and under cover, in an urban setting in the centre of Brussels and intended for “general public” accommodation? The solitude of the contractors. Unexpected support.

A new vision of accommodation and of the surrounding values. A relationship to the “other”.

Contribution to the creation and development, starting from nothing, of a new railway tourism district in Schaerbeek, in Brussels and in Belgium.

Nicolas Kervyn de Meerendré, Founder/C.E.O., Train Hostel

After past experiences with an international focus, Nicolas Kervyn has since 2011 been focused on the realisation and launch of a new theme-based accommodations concept that’s fun, financially affordable and enjoyable: TRAIN HOSTEL.
Located in a wonderful part of Schaerbeek, next to the SNCB’s new TRAIN WORLD, TRAIN HOSTEL is unquestionably innovative however you look at it.
TRAIN HOSTEL is a 100% private investment despite the many expectations to the contrary. Its realisation was action-packed, complete with thrilling encounters and challenges to be overcome.