Lunch Debate BMMA on 27 January 2022


The 3 winners of the Belgian Marketing Awards were our hosts during the Remote Lunch Debate on January 27th 2022.

Louis Vanheurck de Tornaco

Strategic Innovation Lead, Kazidomi

Emna Evrard

’m Emna, a young woman entrepreneur who enjoys life to the fullest ?

I have been interested in health, the products we consume and the environment for many years. And unfortunately, I am not teaching you anything but the world today is not really evolving in the right direction ??

Being adventurous by nature, I decided not to stand idly by in the face of it all.

So in 2016, I launched, a lively and intuitive e-shop that delivers the best of organic at the best price to your home in one click ?

Kazidomi’s mission is to allow everyone to take care of themselves on a daily basis, through healthier products and fairer practices, in an ecology of living that is more respectful of themselves and the world around them.

Three key words govern Kazidomi’s action and catalog: health, common sense and environment. Three sides of a hedonism that is both wise and joyful, which could be summarized as: better to please yourself than to cure ?

I was Entrepreneur of the Year in my dear little country of Belgium in 2019. Pretty cool right?

Other than that, I love writing about entrepreneurship, whether it’s on Linkedin or for journalism columns.

And finally, I agree 100% with the famous expression “Mens sana in corpore sano”. Always up for a new sports challenge, a mountain getaway and more! ??”

Anouck De Schrijver – Sr Shopper Marketing Manager

Anouck werkt reeds meer dan 5 jaar binnen de Danone groep. Haar leergierigheid wordt vertaald door haar ondernemende pad binnen de groep, gaande van sales naar marketing, en van zuivel, tot waters & plant-based.

Vandaag combineert Anouck deze verschillende achtergronden in haar verantwoordelijkheid voor het shopper marketing team over de verschillende klanten en merken heen.

Jolien Schelstraete – Marketing Manager Alpro

Jolien sloot zich ruim twee jaar geleden aan bij het team “plantrepreneurs” van Alpro in België & Luxemburg. Ze is gedreven door een honger naar gezonde groei en een passie voor duurzaamheid.

Jolien startte haar carrière vanuit “experiential marketing”: eerst bij het agentschap Demonstrate en nadien bij Coca-Cola Services België. Daar diepte ze haar passie voor “love brands” verder uit als Brand Manager op Fanta & Sprite en nadien als Marketing Manager op de Core Sparkling merken.

Binnen de Danone-groep, is het Jolien haar missie om de plantaardige alternatieven voor zuivel verder te laten groeien, om zo uiteindelijk alle inwoners van België en Luxemburg (en daar buiten) te kunnen overtuigen van een flexitarische levensstijl, die goed is voor hen en voor onze planeet.

Kris Michiels – Unilever

I’m Kris, born and raised in Ghent and after short stops in Chicago and Berlin, landed in Brussels. Now splitting my time between our capital and Paris. Proud to be Belgian.

I have a commercial, entrepreneurial and economy background. Started my career 17 years ago in a digital start-up “avant la lettre”, working on media convergence, precision marketing and community building. Switched to Unilever to join the Away from Home trade marketing team. At Unilever, I’ve worked in various commercial roles, serving retailers and shoppers. The last 7 years have been fully dedicated to brand crafting, brand building and marketing on many of our personal care, foods & refreshment brands, both at Unilever and at the Pepsico-Lipton joint venture. Currently heading the Refreshment department, owning the full P&L and marketing plans for over 10 brands. At the same time leading our Unilever Digital Marketing & Digital Commerce Hub.

I’ve had the opportunity to build my own brand within Unilever. Strong entrepreneurial energy, passionate about consumer psychology, innovation and using business as a force for good. External advisor in different organizations linked to growth marketing, sustainability and entertainment. Strong advocate for the art AND science of marketing and the diversity&inclusion topic. Always-Learning attitude. Most favourite Unilever product: Ben&Jerry’s Cookie Dough. My extreme ice cream consumption is compensated by daily sports.


Napoli Bowl : Fregola, tomates séchées, noix, amandes, câpres, olives noires, origan, parmesan, raisins secs, basilic, trévise, jambon italien

Dessert : Tiramisu

Smoothie : Miss Sunshine : Mangue, Carotte, Pomme