When cross-media meets sponsoring

Long a promoter of large-scale sponsorship operations across multiple media (TV, radio, web and social networks, presence on the ground), the National Lottery is the perfect example to show how a brand can increase the impact of its sponsorship activities through cross-media working. Marc Frederix will explain the criteria for the effectiveness of media sponsoring for the National Lottery.

Lynda Calonne will compare Marc Frederix’s vision with the results of the BPMS study with a focus on the following question: Is media sponsoring effective and what factors reinforce its impact?

Marc FREDERIX – Director Marketing, Sponsoring, External Communication, NATIONALE LOTERIJ

Graduated in Communication and Philosophy at VUB; Promotion Manager, De Morgen (85-87), Account Manager then Client Service Director, GelderInterpartners (87-93) ; Client Service Director, Karamba (93-97) ; CEO
DraftWorldwide Belgium (98-02).

Since March 2003 :Member of the Executive Committee and Marketing Director of the Belgian Nationale Loterij :
Marketing strategy + advertising campaigns on Lotto, Scratch Cards, Euro Millions, Institutional Image of National Lottery;
Sponsoring department = sport, culture, events;
Departement external communication: press relations, PR-strategy;
Winner Gold Effie Award Euro Millions and Silver Effie Award Win for Life;
Fan of cycling (team + in private) Launch of Scooore – sportsbetting for the National Lottery

Former president of SPCA (Association of Belgian Promotion Agencies) and EFSP (European Association of Promotion Agencies), member of the executive committee of UBA and former jury president for the Effie awards (for three years).

Lynda CALONNE – Strategic Research Supervisor, RMB Marketing

Graduated in Social Communications at IHECS (1989). Quickly began a career at RMB as a researcher in the marketing department. Became successively ‘Marketing Manager Television’ and ‘Strategic Marketing Manager’. Sinds 2009 Strategic Research Supervisor and responsible for the FACT (Feed the Advertising Community with Trends) studies focused on consumer behaviour and evolution.