What is the real potential of connected devices for 2016?

Introduction to the three lunches cycle:

The networks and data that flow from connected people and objects are opening up new perspectives in each activity sector, creating a range of applications and economic opportunities. In the meantime mobile access to the Internet combined with the explosion of the smartphone market, has created consumers’ demand for connected objects and applications.

Some companies have already realized the potential value of matching these technology evolutions and people’s expectations by taking advantage of IoT.

During the next 3 lunches, the BMMA will feature famous Belgian brands in order to break down their strategical journey with regard to IoT and mobile applications. From the industry point of view to advertising & marketing applications, our speakers will give you a broad picture of the wonderful opportunities leveraged by IoT and Mobile and how to exploit them.

Introduction to the intervention of the day:

What is the real potential of connected devices for 2016? The experts’ point of view: Proximus (connectivity & services) and Productize (Internet of Things agency).

We spent more than two decades connecting people thanks to the Internet and it has been a huge revolution. We are now connecting the physical world and the revolution will even be bigger: it’s the Internet of Things era. Learn how it will impact your daily life and your business and how to benefit from it. Proximus will explain how they prepped up for these new needs and Productize will showcase a demo of their technology to explain how you should address this challenge.

Fréderic Lhostte – Head of Advanced Telco Services, Proximus

Frédéric Lhostte is Head of Advanced Telco Services at Proximus in charge of the definition and the execution of the “internet of things” and “Big data” strategies. Frédéric has an experience of more than 15 years in telecommunication and passionate about new trends and technologies to live better and work smarter. He has also been President of the Board of the company Mobile-for (mobile payment solutions) between 2010 and 2012 and Managing Director of the company Sixdots (mobile ID solutions) the next 2 years. Frédéric is graduated in Applied Economic Sciences in 1996 from the UCL Mons.


Harold Grondel – Co Founder, Productize

Harold Grondel is a serial entrepreneur and son of a maker. Harold studied at Solvay Brussels School of economics and management. He started prototyping electronics 5 years ago working in a BEL20 company and discovered the amazing value of rapid prototyping in innovation/product creation and its importance in the Internet of Things revolution. He created Productize to address these subjects, helping large companies innovate with the agility of a Startup.