The promises of business models that join producer and consumer in the same environment

The web omnipresence, the rise of the mobile, the geolocalisation opportunities and the overwhelming power of the algorithms have fostered the development of new business models characterized by a better matching of supply and demand.

Platforms and apps that are build on this new paradigm quickly increase and spread throughout all economic sectors. But what lies behind their success ? And how could they inspire historical actors towards more innovation and service improvement ?

Our closing lunch of the year will be dedicated to the promises of uberisation through a pannel discussion with 2 actors who will share the secrets of their differenciating models.

Cédric Antoine – CEO, Wink market SA

Cédric is 37 years old, married with 3 children. He started his career in banks and then joined several retail companies (Louis Delhaize, Cora, Wink). He graduated from HEC school of management (France). His hobbies are mainly in the sport field (rugby, fitness, ski, mountain bike) and around music (piano, bassoon).



Arnaud Goubau – General Manager Belgium, Menu Next Door

Arnaud has always been working in the startups’ world. After being Sales Manager at Aproplan for 3 years, he now joined the B2C world by taking the lead of the operations at Menu Next Door in Belgium.




Joost Verdiesen – Sr. Operations & Logistics Manager, Uber

Joost Verdiesen joined Uber, one of the world’s fastest growing companies, in January 2015 as the Operations Manager for the Belgian market. Before Uber he worked as a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group for a little over 4 years. Joost holds an MBA degree from INSEAD and a Masters degree in Engineering from Ghent University.