Thanks to technology, you’re no longer just a number: the Octa+ story

Introduction to the three lunches cycle:

The networks and data that flow from connected people and objects are opening up new perspectives in each activity sector, creating a range of applications and economic opportunities. In the meantime mobile access to the Internet combined with the explosion of the smartphone market, has created consumers’ demand for connected objects and applications.

Some companies have already realized the potential value of matching these technology evolutions and people’s expectations by taking advantage of IoT.

During the next 3 lunches, the BMMA will feature famous Belgian brands in order to break down their strategical journey with regard to IoT and mobile applications. From the industry point of view to advertising & marketing applications, our speakers will give you a broad picture of the wonderful opportunities leveraged by IoT and Mobile and how to exploit them.

Introduction to the intervention of the day:

The perfect summary of our approach…or how to relearn to welcome your client in a personalized way.

Lack of differentiation has reached its climax in the fuel distribution sector. There are no differences between products, no differences in prices; the special offers are all the same, and fuel cards are all the same, but for minor details. Our last hope? Building an entirely different service and brand-experience for our customers. Very well, you may say, but how can we apply this principle to a network of 120 petrol stations which each have their own characteristics? This is precisely why we should rely on current technologies, often labelled as “dehumanized”, to reconnect with a principle that is as old as the dawn of time: providing each of our customers with a personalized service.

Eric Vanden Broeck – Strategic & Operational Director, The Manifest

Eric Vanden Broeck studied Graphic Design at the Belgium Institut Saint-Luc, where he received his diploma in 1986. He then held several successive positions, as AD, Director of Creation, CEO and Country Chairman at Young & Rubicam. For the past 4 years, he has been joint-CEO of ‘The Manifest’, a transversal communications agency, founded with his associate Evelyne Cartenstadt. He is also its Chief Strategy Officer.



Vincent Declerck – Strategic, Marketing & Sales Manager at OCTA+