Sports … A real media makeover driven by digital revolution

Today everyone agrees that sports are at the same time event oriented and ever present.
Because of the emotions and the sense of belonging sports are increasingly regarded as a fully fledged media form.
In the age of digital revolution, sports have become a real case study of what a brand can do to create a strong relationship with its audience.

Lynda Calonne will complement the Freddy Tacheny’s vision with the results of the BPMS study, focusing on the following question: The Best of Media Sponsorship, or how to use the different formats for media sponsorship optimally?

Freddy TACHENY – Managing Director, ZELOS

Former director-general of RTL Belgium, latterly CEO of his own company FTacheny and of Zelos (marketing and management consultancy specialising in sport and media).

Lynda CALONNE – Strategic Research Supervisor, RMB Marketing

Graduated in Social Communications at IHECS (1989). Quickly began a career at RMB as a researcher in the marketing department. Became successively ‘Marketing Manager Television’ and ‘Strategic Marketing Manager’. Sinds 2009 Strategic Research Supervisor and responsible for the FACT (Feed the Advertising Community with Trends) studies focused on consumer behaviour and evolution.