MyShopi smart data for a new model

Introduction to the three lunches cycle:
Data management has always been a major challenge for most companies moreover in a universe where new sets of data are generated everyday. Organizations are now facing the need of leveraging the power of big data and analytics to create value. Indeed analysing data qualitatively lead companies towards a more data-driven approach but also creatively-driven opportunities. Doing so they manage to turn big data into smart data. Our next lunches cycle will be dedicated to the process of making big data smarter in order to be effectively used and become valuable.

Introduction to the intervention of the day:
MyShopi, the Belgian promo and shopping platform with over 750k app downloads is all about saving money, facilitating your life and getting shopping inspiration. To provide a smarter shopping experience, myShopi started processing multiple data feeds for offering the right promotion at the right location at the right moment for the right consumer. Therefore BD myShopi is introducing advanced technologies like mobile marketing automation and Bluetooth beacons. Meanwhile, also multiple brands and retailers are linking their CRM strategy to myShopi’s platform for a more personalized shopping experience. Full digital coupon solutions also allow for optimized promotional campaigns.

Toon Coppens – Omni-channel Strategy Manager, BD MyShopi

Toon is an electrical engineer with 15 years B2B and B2C experience on the crossroads of marketing, retail, telecom and media and is passionate about digital disruption and corporate venturing. He joined BD in 2013, leading the strategic shift to BD myShopi as omni-channel activation platform. Prior to that he was active in various corporate start-ups on mobile marketing and payment and figured as business development and product marketing expert at Alcatel-Lucent.