Massclusivity: how to (further) build a premium brand experience in a commodity category

HOT NEWS : in the context of our collaboration with Nespresso, we welcome the chef David Martin who will make us discover a new “breakfast cocktail” created specially for Nespresso, this cocktail will be slightly adapted for the aperitif: do not miss it!
The coffee will be as “ Nespresso” as the presentation, come and boost your braincells and your tastebuds!

How to make sure that your brand has renewed meaning for consumers in a market of commodities ?
As the value of a brand lies in its products, the new trend is to develop affordable premium consumption combining the mass & the exclusivity. A paradox called « massclusivity » : ultra-hard-to-access delivered to the doorstep, stylish brought to functionality, modern twist given to heritage & tradition, one-of-a-kind stories… How do famous brands unfold the potential of this massclusivity paradox ? That’s what you’ll learn throughout our 3 next massclusive BMMA lunches !

Nestlé Nespresso SA has developed itself over 29 years time as the pioneer and reference for highest-quality portioned premium coffee. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland but active in more than 60 countries, it has developed over time a unique fully owned business model with the aim to give to the end-consumer the best possible coffee and customer experience. Wim will highlight the different components of this unique 100% owned business model whilst showing how Nespresso tries to excel on every parameter of it. Wim will also explain how we leverage this global brand equity in a local meaningful way with a focus on continuous innovation and consumer/customer delight.

Intervention in English

Wim DE SCHUTTER – Marketing Director Belux, Nespresso Belux

Wim is a seasoned business professional with a major in marketing combined with excellent trade knowledge of different channels. He holds an MBA in Marketing management at the Vlerick Business School and a Master in Communication Sciences at the Catholic University Leuven where he graduated with greatest distinction with his thesis on the ‘Marketing & Communication Strategies of Coca-Cola and the case-study of the 1999 Belgian product recall’. He completed his academic ‘parcours’ with a Master in marketing at the Ecole de Management de Lyon.

Wim has a passion for building and leveraging strong brands which he exercised during 10 years in different blue chip FMCG companies such as AB Inbev, Danone and Ferrero. After, he leveraged his skills in another business being Telecoms at head of marketing at BASE Company. Currently he is since almost 2 years Marketing Director Nespresso Belux where he is responsible for the business development of the Nespresso brand in Belgium and Luxemburg.