Marketing and Managing the Belgium brand with Didier Reynders

The “Belgium Brand”

Does Belgium as a country sell as easily abroad as its chocolate, its beers and its national football team do?
What are its strengths and weaknesses in the international market? Is Belgium still considered credible when marketed as a single entity?

On a more practical level, what are the strengths of our product mix? What are the impacts of the royal trade missions to promote our products and know-how in the countries visited? Is Belgium still seen as an attractive destination for entrepreneurs from other countries?
Are there any winning formulas to help us sell ourselves and to position ourselves favourably internationally?
Are the black, yellow and red still seen as winning colours?

Didier Reynders – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign affairs, Foreign Trade and European Affairs

A politician and trained lawyer, Didier Reynders has been at the forefront of the Belgian political scene since 1987, serving as Deputy Prime Minister (since 2004), Finance Minister and Minister for Institutional Reform or Foreign Affairs. He also teaches at HECLiège and at UCL and is the father of four children.