Listening to the customer voice…. Even in the health sector? A POS approach

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Introductory session by Claude Boffa, Academic Director of the Executive Programme in Retail and FMCG Distribution at Solvay Brussels School of EM.

Introduction to the three lunches cycle
In an ever-changing retail environment where brands are facing demands of a new generation of “connected customers”, create in-store value has become a must. Customer experiences in point of sales remain extremely powerful to build brand and create interactions worth coming back to and worth talking about. Our three speakers will explain to us how they envision the future of shopping experience and moreover how they manage to extract margin through a branded store approach.

Introduction to the intervention of the day.
In the Health community, too often the ‘Authorities’ impose what is good for patients, clients and even regularly without even listen to them! Based on interviews and professional marketing, Medi-Market has decoded the attitude and the expectations of the “shoppers” with regard to health, in order to come to a unique concept, meeting the real needs. An innovative and customer-centric approach, which is gaining attention, makes some feel uncomfortable, but which is appropriate since the brand expands now all over Belgium