Investing in sustainable product lines to drive innovation

Introduction to the three lunches cycle:
The awareness of the environmental challenges and social questions that our economic system is arising becomes a main concern for more and more managers. How to balance greater corporate sustainability and the reality of the business growth? Numbers of companies are changing the path and express their willingness to run business in a way that is compatible with the future of humanity. Some are basing their whole ecosystem on this principle. How can marketing supports these efforts without being perceived as doing « greenwashing »?

During our 3 next lunches, the BMMA will feature 3 speakers of 3 reknowned brands which global model is based on sustainability. They will talk about the successes, the opportunities and the pitfalls that companies choosing this trajectory are facing in their management and marketing efforts.

Introduction to the intervention of the day:
Flagship of the Belgian industry, the familial group Spadel illustrates itself by its sustainable approach and strategy. Placing innovation at the very center of its preoccupations Marc du Bois, its CEO, has taken major steps these last months which reinforces Spadel’s leadership in terms of green solutions and durability : a new generation of soft beverages 100% natural and an unprecedent investment in solar energy. A strategy that Marc will be happy to share at our next BMMA Lunch.

Marc du Bois – CEO, Spadel