ING: how digital media and one-to-one bring relevance in this new 3.0 era

In a world of advertising 3.0:

  • How the marketing strategy has supported the business strategy?
  • Why ING has resolutely chosen for an integrated approach and new relational terms with clients?
  • Which learnings can be shared, what are the future developments?

Inge Ampe – General Manager Marketing, ING

Inge Ampe is thrilled to be speaking to all of you shortly. I am general manager of marketing for ING Belgium for more then a year now and I have a feeling we have a compelling story to tell.

What do you need to know about me ? Look for me on Linked In and you will see an analytical education, an immediate entry in the bank (formerly known as BBL) and a variety of jobs in both front and mid. I have been in touch with different client segments, different product lines, different regions and different countries. Being now general manager of marketing, I have the feeling that it all comes together : data and emotions, on line and off line, direct and advice, …..

During the presentation, I will tell you about the short history of marketing and how it supported the strategic change in Belgium. I will share with you my view for the future. Strategy and vision are always work in progress. Therefore I warmly welcome your suggestions, questions, remarks, ….

Married and has two children.
Hobby : music, theatre, soccer, long dinners, ….