How to reconnect Danone with Health in a 3.0 world ?

For many years now Danone has following mission: “bringing health through food to as many people as possible”.
Health is an inherent part of our mission, in the products we commercialize, in a matter of speaking it is embedded in the genes of all Danone employees.

For many years we expend successfully the brands such as Actimel and Activia.

However, our former model, just based on health, seems no longer to work satisfactorily, since our eco system evolved, the society evolved, the consumers were evolving to. And Danone’s model did not evolve immediately…

We experienced a clear transformation in our thoughts and actions: During the BMMA lunch of March 24th, I will be glad to explain to you where we came from and where we now are going to, and mostly what we learned from this situation.

Slides will be in English, intervention in Dutch.

Mira De Maeyer – Marketing Director Belgium, Danone

Mira De Maeyer graduated at the EHSAL and obtained her degree Applied Economics – Marketing Management and also added a special License Marketing of the Vlerick Management School Leuven-Ghent.

In 1996 she started her career at LU Belgium (nowadays this company is part of Mondelez) as Junior Brand Manager for o.a. Prince and Cha-Cha. At LU she evolved to Brand Marketing Manager Indulgence Biscuits before she switched to Danone. There she was successively Brand Marketing Manager for Kids & Drinks (o.a. Danonino, Dan’Up,…) and Active Health (o.a. Activia and Actimel).

In 2007 she went back to LU/Kraft in order to fulfill during 3 years her first Marketing Director’s role for Biscuits in Belgium. Afterwards she continued this experience as Marketing Director Belgium at Campbell’s.

End 2010 Mira says temporarily farewell to the FMCG-world to continue her career as Marketing Director in the medical sector of Nutricia Medical Nutrition. Beginning 2013 she returned to Danone to lead the Marketing team in Belgium.