How the second screen is unlocking a world of potential : Shazam point of view

The mobile devices have dramatically changed the way customers behave and interact with other media. In 2013 smartphone users spent on average 2.5 hours per day on their device, up from 24 minutes in 2010. A staggering 78% of users interact with one or more media simultaneously, while using their smartphone.

Thanks to the rise of second screen viewership, marketers are now tasked with extending their marketing plans through new applications empowering consumers to engage with the Brand beyond the 30’ commercial.

As an example Shazam app and technology has evolved to make tv commercials interactive via the second screen, opening a world of opportunities. It is a truly new way to reach the consumer and to connect with them, share content and trigger engagement.

Josh Partridge – Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Shazam

Josh Partridge is Director for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Shazam and has been tasked with expanding commercial operations across the region. Shazam connects more than 420 million people to music, TV shows and brands, adding fifteen million new people every month.

Previously Josh headed up Yahoos commercial expansion across EMEA having previously worked in the entertainment industry at The Walt Disney Company and NBC Universal. He has a passion for traveling and sports and currently resides in London with his Belgian wife and daughter.