How do massclusivity-minded consumers influence the retailers’ business?

How to make sure that your brand has renewed meaning for consumers in a market of commodities ?
As the value of a brand lies in its products, the new trend is to develop affordable premium consumption combining the mass & the exclusivity. A paradox called « massclusivity » : ultra-hard-to-access delivered to the doorstep, stylish brought to functionality, modern twist given to heritage & tradition, one-of-a-kind stories… How do famous brands unfold the potential of this massclusivity paradox ? That’s what you’ll learn throughout our 3 next massclusive BMMA lunches !

Food retail is an ultra competitive market with consumers evolving quickly and becoming very selective and demanding. How to differentiate themselves, how to succeed to be more relevant than others, how to approach the right consumers? Should we switch to a 100% personalized business – is this sustainable in the long term… Let’s open the discussion! The solution is far from being obvious!

The presentation will be held in French.

Joachim RUBIN – Vice President Marketing Delhaize Belgium & Luxembourg

More than 16 years of experience in several challenging Marketing and Communication positions in multinational companies recognized for their expertise in marketing in Belgium as well as abroad (Danone, Bel, Bongrain). For more than 3 years, after 13 years in FMCG, VP Marketing at Delhaize Belgium.

Passionate about people and brands, expert in project management, with a strong focus on priorities and team management, always result-oriented. Elected as Belgian Marketer of the year in 2013 by Trends Tendance and STIMA and President of the advertisers’ jury at the BOA awards since 3 years.