Engage the local consumer with a strong brand and an international strategy

In collaboration with UBA

International brands in an inter-connected world : how to leverage global scale and local relevance
As content moves accross borders more easily than ever, brand stories are crossing over internationnally. Marketeers have to adapt consequently. Building a consistent and strong brand culture that remains familiar to consumers wherever they are has become a priority.
Through the « Share a Coke » story, Gaëtan Van de Populiere et Yves De Voeght will explain how Coca-Cola managed to build a boarderless approach, making the brand as accessible as possible to allow consumers to come to them !

Yves de Voeght – Media Manager, Coca-Cola Belgium & Luxembourg

  • Media Manager Coca-Cola Belgium & Luxemburg since 2008
  • Fortis (2005-2008) : External Communication, then Media Manager Fortis Retail banking
  • Unilever (1988- 2004) : several sales & Marketing functions in Belgium, France and UK. Last position: Marketing Manager & Board member Lever Fabergé Belgium

Gaëtan Van de Populiere – Marketing Director, Coca-Cola Belgium & Luxembourg

  • Marketing Director Coca-Cola Belgium & Luxemburg since 2012
  • Aug’10-Feb’12: Customer Director Benelux
  • Jan’05-Jul’10: different Marketing functions amongst others Marketing Manager Flavors (Fanta&Sprite) and Energy (Burn, Nalu)
  • Kraft Foods (Sept’01 – Dec’04) : Brand Manager Côte d’Or bars and countlines
  • Nike : internship