Don’t miss the digital train : 4th Edition / 6 Sessions

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Digital marketing in practice (28/09/2015)  by Stéphanie RADOCHITZKI , Digital Strategy Director, SPACE

We all know that consumer behavior has changed, communication possibilities have evolved, and marketeers face new issues, since we entered the digital era. But where to we stand exactly? How can companies benefit from digital evolutions? How can marketeers design successful campaigns? How can we measure success / failure and learn from them.

How to engage consumer in a digital world (05/10/2015)  by Joelle LIBERMAN, Directrice, EGERIE RESEARCH

If our world is changing, the tempo in our profession is probably set today by the new consum-actor. How does he perceive a situation? What are hissocial networks? Reference networks? What type of interactions does wish to have/expect/ reject? And finally, where does he draw the line between “ON” and “OFF”?

Digital communication with a strategic approach (12/10/2015)  by Matthieu VERCRUYSSE, Deputy Managing Director, ISOBAR

Earned Owned Paid media, Bought Owned Earned media. Multiple designations but more specifically the absolute necessity to rethink the way brands communicate and they way they relate to their consumers. The general digital communication universe has overturned old habits and usual codes. This requires reworking the model.

From Performance Marketing to Real Time Bidding (19/10/2015)  by Vincent DELMOTTE, Country General Manager, HI-MEDIA

Since the arrival of AdExchanges, Performance Marketing is dramatically transformed. Real Time Bidding, Programmatic and Data Management Platform are part of the media strategy of all marketeers. The media buying revolution is already a reality !!!

Digital communication in practice : social media (26/10/2015)  by Johannes SCHNACK, Managing Director, SOCIALYSE

A new consumer is born… The way he behaves & interacts around brands in social media created at the same time threats and opportunities… How to tap in the social media environment to enhance your brand experience ? How can social media help you to better serve your consumers ? How can social media helps you to improve your products, services & business.

Solomo (09/11/2015) by Bruno VAN BOUCQ, Managing Director, PROXISTORE & Search (09/11/2015) by Nicolas DEBRAY, Director, SEMETIS

More than ever Search Engines are the Internet gateway. Day after day, users and consumers kindly ask Google and the likes what they want. At the other end, what you want is to be there whenever they are looking for you, your products or your services! Visibility and presence in Search Engines are key in your website’s traffic acquisition. Qualified leads, conversions let’s understand how to outperform competition.

Video Advertising (YouTube) (16/11/2015)  by Denis DE GROOTE, Agency Relationship Manager, GOOGLE

No escape possible : the technology revolution seep drips into every area of human occupation and activates a gradual and permanent change in our society. The VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) has also become a source of creativity and opportunities, a BIG VUCA.
What role does Google play in this new world? How to win and retain consumers screwed onto their digital screens? Why and how should a Marketeer become a true Connecteer? And operate its own mutation.

Multiple-screen (16/11/2015) by Philippe DEGUELDRE, Business Intelligence Director, PEBBLE MEDIA

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Big Data/Smart Data: How to use data to improve your strategy and your operations? (23/11/2015) by Elie LIBERMAN, Founder, MARKETINGCOACH

Today digital technology is flooding marketers under massive amounts of data. The question are : How to improve your strategy by using big data? Are the data smart enough to improve your operational effectiveness ? What does it change in the customer relationship ? What a company needs to do to benefit from it’s digital assets ?

Big Data for Marketers and legal aspects related to privacy (30/11/2015) by Christer TROMPET, ADVINCI & by Jan DECORTE, Lawyer Partner, KOAN ASSOCIATED LAWYERS

Legal pitfalls for digital marketeers : how can privacy related issues affect the efficiency of your campaign? What are the legal risks related to ‘big data’ and how will the legal future look like in view of the upcoming data protection regulation?”

The unstoppable rise of Native Advertising (07/12/2015) by Mickaël FERREIRA, Co-founder, QUANTUM

Digital advertising is undergoing profound changes with the development of the “Native Advertising” practices. What are the drivers of this growth? What are the benefits and the impact for the advertisers,the media and the consumer? How to combine the native advertising with the latest technological evolutions?

Trends and Tendances (07/12/2015) by Laurent DERAMAIX

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Speakers are Stéphanie Radochitzki,, Joelle Liberman, Matthieu Vercruysse, Vincent Delmotte, Johannes Schnack, Bruno Van Boucq, Nicolas Debray, Denis De Groot, Philippe Degueldre, Elie Liberman, Tanguy Van Eeckhout, Jan Decorte, Mickaël Ferreira and Laurent Deramaix.