Don’t miss the digital train : 3rd Edition / 6 Sessions

10 evening sessions to find out everything you need about current tools and to boost your marketing skills.

The framework : Digital marketing in practice (15/09/2014) by Hugues REY, Chief Executive Officer, HAVAS MEDIA BELGIUM

In 20 years, marketing has experienced a Copernican revolution. Kotler’s 4P’s and Pareto’s law have been put aside in favor of concepts such as the 5C’s, the “long tail”, the Cluetrain Manifesto,… Nice theories! But on the practical side, what are the day-to-day challenges for a marketer in 2014?

How to engage consumer in a digital world (22/09/2014) by Joelle LIBERMAN, Directrice, EGERIE RESEARCH

If our world is changing, the tempo in our profession is probably set today by the new consum-actor. How does he perceive a situation? What are hissocial networks? Reference networks? What type of interactions does wish to have/expect/ reject? And finally, where does he draw the line between “ON” and “OFF”?

Digital communication in practice : earned, owned and paid media (29/09/2014) by Matthieu VERCRUYSSE, Deputy Managing Director, ISOBAR

Earned Owned Paid media, Bought Owned Earned media. Multiple designations but more specifically the absolute necessity to rethink the way brands communicate and they way they relate to their consumers. The general digital communication universe has overturned old habits and usual codes. This requires reworking the model.

Performance Marketing : from Real Time Bidding (RTB) to Data Management (DMP) (06/10/2014)  by Vincent DELMOTTE, Country General Manager, HI-MEDIA

The objective of all marketers is to increase sales. How do you make this happen, which channels do you choose, how do you measure them, etc. Performance marketing is the solution that enables you to monitor your ROI in real time.

Congratulations, you’re on FB! What now? (13/10/2014)  by Thomas VAN ROY, Social Strategist, YOUR AGENCY

A new consumer is born… The way he behaves & interacts around brands in social media created at the same time threats and opportunities… How to tap in the social media environment to enhance your brand experience ? How can social media help you to better serve your consumers ? How can social media helps you to improve your products, services & business.

Solomo + Search (20/10/2014) by Bruno VAN BOUCQ, Managing Director, BEWEB & by Nicolas DEBRAY, Director, SEMETIS

Search : More than ever Search Engines are the Internet gateway. Day after day, users and consumers kindly ask Google and the likes what they want. At the other end, what you want is to be there whenever they are looking for you, your products or your services! Visibility and presence in Search Engines are key in your website’s traffic acquisition. Qualified leads, conversions let’s understand how to outperform competition.

Automated media trading & Real-time-bidding ; new sales model for multiple screen digital video advertising (03/11/2014)  by Erik PORTIER, Managing Director, LIJN.COM

Digital Video consumption is growing rapidly. Consumers are increasingly digital, mobile, interactive, social and connected. This leads to a convergence between TV content and internet video. TV screens and second screens such as laptops , tablets and smartphones, are becoming more and more complementary and ubiquitous. The convergence of screens and content offers unseen possibilities to innovate both from the viewer and advertisers perspective.
This creates both challenges and opportunities for broadcasters and digital video content providers. The challenge is to create the necessary technical and business models that allow publishers to facilitate a migration to an advertising eco-system that meets those challenges and opportunities. The opportunity lies in the unique advantages it provides to deliver a more addressable and interactive advertising solution to the viewer while demonstrating clear and measurable value for the advertiser.

Direct marketing at digital age (17/11/2014)  by Albert DERASSE, Account Director, CITOBI

Digital marketing puts the consumer back at the heart of all concerns, much more than the product! It enables an automated and customized approach while being aware that it is only one activation channel of many, with its specificities, opportunities and limits.

Big Data and Big Analytics – new reality and/or new tools for marketers? (24/11/2014)  by Guy HUYBERECHTS, Head of Bus.Dev., PreSales & Alliances, SAS INSTITUTE BelgiLux

Data is only worth as much as what you manage to get out of it.The data deluge is a huge challenge for many organizations, for IT departments as well as Marketing and Sales departments. In many companies, Marketers are – or are becoming – owners of the Customer Experience. To be successful today, they need to be able to embrace the digital age and know how to deal with the integration of many types of data and data sources; transactional, structured or not, internal or external, on-line, mobile and most of the time in real-time. Let’s look beyond the hype; how to handle these data, how to use analytics to create value from data, how to organize yourself and your teams to address this fast changing reality.

Conclusion and legal aspects related to privacy (01/12/2014) by Patrick WILLEMARCK, Executive Chairman, DIALOG SOLUTIONS & by Jan DECORTE, Lawyer Partner, KOAN ASSOCIATED LAWYERS


Hugues Rey, Joelle Liberman, Matthieu Vercruysse, Vincent Delmotte, Thomas Van Roy, Bruno Van Boucq, Nicolas Debray, Erik Portier, Albert Derasse, Guy Huyberechts, Patrick Willemarck, Jan Decorte