Create, produce, establish: a Belgian example of audiovisual public media in the digital age

Jean-Paul Philippot will present us a public service “a win win situation (The Voice, the Red Devils,…)”. In a world where audiovisual is experiencing an upheaval linked to the digital and where the audience competition, but also commercial, rages, he will explain how the RTBF radiates more than ever within his community while proclaiming loudly and strongly the values of Belgium.

As President of the UER (Union Européenne de Radiodiffusion), Jean-Paul Philippot occupies a privileged position to put the RTBF media in a European perspective. In this context his recognition at the head of an international institution is essential.

So we propose you an exclusive meeting with a man who – nowadays – has become a reference in the management, the strategy and the vision of many media in Europe.

Jean-Paul Philippot – General Manager of the RTBF and President of the UER

Jean-Paul Philippot, Graduated Commercial Engineer at the « Université Libre » of Brussels, occupies since February, 2002 the function of General Manager at the RTBF after having exercised most often in the healthcare sector, particularly the management, in the network of the Brussels public hospitals.

At the head of a strong company with 2,000 employees and a budget of 300 million €, Jean-Paul Philippot is since January, 1st, 2009 also President of the UER.

His leisure activities: he spends a lot of time to his family, his friends and the sea.