Competitive markets: involving the user actively to make a difference!

Peugeot: the strategy of a historic manufacturer in an ultra-competitive market:

  • What is the significance and the role of the brand in the strategy put in place to forge a strong relationship with the customer (repeat purchase) and potential customer (recruitment)?
  • In a saturated market in terms of sales and where the competition is very tough, how can you remain true to yourself and make a difference?
  • What types of messages should be adopted and via which channels?

To summarise: what is the decisive contribution of the brand strategy put in place?

Emmanuel Scheenaerts – Marketing Director Peugeot Belgium Luxembourg

A graduate of EPHEC, Emmanuel has been loyal to a single brand since 1998: Peugeot.

He has occupied the following posts in succession: Sales Manager, Manager Sales Methods, Head of Customer Relationship Management, Manager of a car dealership in Uccle and finally, since 2008, Marketing Director Peugeot Belgium Luxembourg …

No doubt about it: he is the ideal person to talk to us about this prestigious French brand, which has been in the car industry for more than a century.


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