Capturing the value of Big Data

Through its presence in TV, radio and digital media as an advertiser, and for the needs of its business, Kapaza Belgium (online classified ads) processes enormous streams of data relating to its campaigns, its consumers and its products. From segmentation to the development of customised actions, from promotion to targeted advertising, what are the models and quantitative data that are relevant for such businesses today?

Fabrice Douteaud –¬†Managing Director, Kapaza Belgium

Managing Director of within the Schibsted ASA media group.
A software engineer with a background in applied computer science, he is an Internet specialist who has always had one foot in marketing and the other in the technical field.

He began his career as technical manager for a Web start-up in Silicon Valley and then worked as an Internet expert for the Coca-Cola Company at its head office in Atlanta for 4 years, before becoming an application architect at SONY, which position he held for 5 years.
His present ambition is to make the market leader in online classified ads in Belgium and the country’s favourite site for sales between private individuals.