Branding in Action 1

23 April 2024

“Be ready for your next brand”

Branding in Action Workshop at Havas Café.

In a world where branding is becoming the cornerstone of any company wishing to stand out from the crowd, we invite you to dive into the heart of the action with our Branding in Action workshop.

Master branding in action : rebranding or creating your own brands is not a once in lifetime experience anymore.

Why take part in Branding in Action?

  • Enhanced Skills: Whether you’re looking for inspiration to create a new brand, want tips about effective rebranding, or simply want to fine-tune your strategic approach, this workshop is definitely for you. You’ll come away with the tools, techniques and renewed confidence you need to propel your branding projects forward.
  • Immersive Experience: More than just a seminar, Branding in Action is an interactive workshop that will take you on a journey into the heart of the way brands are created. In of 120 minutes, you’ll enjoy a truly intense experience, alternating between methodology, strategy, creativity and legal aspects of branding.
  • Real and Applied Cases: Learn through real-life case studies presented by industry professionals. You’ll then have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice on existing projects, enabling you to see the real impact of your branding decisions for yourself.
  • Professional Expertise: Make the most of the support and advice provided by three recognised experts in various areas of branding, each specialising in a key aspect of the branding process. Their experience and knowledge will be at your disposal to answer all your questions.
  • Excellence Network: Join a community of like-minded professionals from marketing, media and advertising sectors. Branding in Action gives you the perfect opportunity to expand your network of business contacts, as well as share ideas and find new opportunities for collaboration.

The three branding experts are:

Workshop in French.

Limited Places for an Exclusive Experience


23 April 2024


  • 16:45 Start of the session & Welcome speech by Hugues Rey
  • 17:00 Workshop
  • 19:00 Conclusions
  • 19:15 Drink
  • 20:00 End

Price : 75€ (excl. VAT)


Havas Café : Rue des boiteux, 9 – 1000 Brussels