BMMA March Lunch – Pierre Lalmand from FEBIAC

#WeAreMobility: a new mobility experience initiated by FEBIAC.

Mobility has become one of the major issues for our society today. This is something that FEBIAC has fully understood and anticipated to such an extent that it is now organising the first Mobility Show, which was held from 18th to 21st January as part of the support events for the main Motor Show. There are various new modes of transport currently making their way into our day-to-day lives as an extension to more traditional journeys and methods of travelling. While urban mobility may be a concern for the public authorities in terms of commuters, it has also become an important topic for the private sector, particularly in terms of how companies and organisations tackle the way their employees organise their work. Promoting intermodal transport is also a matter for new technologies when it comes to the digital management of the journeys and distances to cover. A whole array of providers in various sectors are involved in this new mobility and they are currently investing in this area.

The aim of this particular initiative by Febiac was to become the benchmark by bringing the various parties together on its #WeAreMobility platform, along with the various solutions that will become a part of the urban mobility of tomorrow.

Pierre Lalmand – General Manager of the Motor Show and Director of Maison de l’Automobile (FEBIAC)


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