BMMA June Lunch + Workshops – Innovations meet retail

Kings of the past, Gods of the Future

If the future is the accelerated past, we should not be shy to look back and learn from it. Can we find the key to today’s breathtaking acceleration somewhere in the dark mists of our history?

Why is it that humanity’s foot pushes the pedal to the metal? Will we be able to keep the rubber on the road? Who or what is at the helm of this crazy machine?

We can clearly see demographics and automation on a spectacular collision course. The impact of cobots on our work-life habits will not all be pleasant. How will we cope? How will we reinvent? What is the impact on society, workforce, and doing business?  Will inequality trigger a new pitchfork revolution?

The quantum particles in your cocktail on June 25th have more potential computing power than all of Facebook’s and Google’s servers combined. We’ll drink it anyway… By attending this conference lunch, followed by two workshops with many examples in the retail sector, you’ll sharpen your saw and break out of your comfort zone.

That’s our promise!

Danny Devriendt, Managing Director IPG Dynamic

Wim Labie, Digital Change Evangelist, LAVA consult

Workshops outline

14:30 – Danny Devriendt: Retail: The power of you!

16:00 – Danny Devriendt: The EU has embraced GDPR. How do you embed ethics and values from the ground up while doing business?

16:10 – Break

16:30 – Alain Mayne & Geert Stox: The need for – real- brand relevance

18:00 – Drink

Workshop 1:

Retail : The power of you!

Retail seems to be in the not very comfortable spot between hammer and anvil. Changed mobility and shopping habits are coming hard on brick and mortar shops. Retail fled the city centers, but is dying in America’s near city shopping malls. Quid automation? Is The Could store the all sanctifying answer? Will we move to web shopping-happily-ever-after? Is the future real? Virtual? Phygital? What is frictionless retail? Do communications, media and marketing still have a place in this fast moving vortex.

A workshop with some answers, some examples, and a choice of specific questions: no better recipe for a thoughtful afternoon.

In order to stick to what matters to you, feel free to send me your questions in advance at Please us this subject “BMMA workshop 25/06”

Danny Devriendt, Managing Director IPG Dynamic

The EU has embraced GDPR. How do you embed ethics and values from the ground up while doing business?

The EU has embraced GDPR, a continent wide legislation that protects the right of the European citizens on their data.  Legislation is good, as it gives guaranteed minimal protection. The next step is ethical guidelines. How do you embed ethics and values from the ground up while doing business? IEEE, the world’s biggest standards organization, started working two years on the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems (AS) and on a report prioritizing Human Well-Being.  We’re moving into an era where it is clear what you can and cannot do (law) and where it is understood that it is not because you can, that you should (ethics).

Workshop 2:

The need for – real- brand relevance

Target audiences are increasingly segmented and their media consumption is increasingly fragmented. GDPR puts the consumer in control of their personal data, peer reviews beat anything else in trustworthiness and search engines give them the superpower of comparison.

We’re seeing a clear shift in communication and marketing trends from what you offer to why you matter. Communicating what you stand for, and interacting around values… it’s a lot tougher than it sounds.

Is there a future for brands as value symbol or will their identity be limited to their brand name as element of recognition?
How can brands adapt to today’s and tomorrow’s world? What does it mean to be future-proof? How do you create a value based communication platform?

Based on the principle of shared value brands, this session will help you set the record straight by shifting the paradigms of your brand’s definition and create its future in our changing world.

Alain Mayne, Strategic Planning Director at Hoet&Hoet, Brandsetters

Geert Stox, Strategy & Campaign Architect Mostra

Speakers Bios

Danny Devriendt – Managing Director IPG Dynamic

I started my career as a journalist. From the early beginning I wrote about technology, wireless communication and the Internet. After 10 years I switched to the corporate world. At Porter Novelli I was responsible for the launch of  Bluetooth technology. For the last five years before my switch to IPG Mediabrands I was EVP social media globally. I manage IPG Dynamic. I have been involved with digital communication and social media for more than 25 years.

Wim Labie – Digital Change Evangelist

Digital strategist with an extensive sales & management background, translating corporate communications into a consistent online brand experience.

Alain Mayne – Strategic Planning Director at Hoet&Hoet, Brandsetters

I began my professional journey in marketing agency (DDB/Marketing Power) and at American Express, then a great marketing school for financial services. Successively responsible for business partners and cardholders marketing, I witnessed the standdown of this prestigious brand because business volume had taken over meaning of this less and less relevant brand for its market.

I then started a business in glass design, when startups had no name yet. After some years, and a crossover in market research I realized giving shape to meaning and content was a personal motto I could make happen at Hoet&Hoet brandsetters, as responsible for strategy.

I coach companies – corporate, sme’s, startups, NGO’s and institutions) to develop their meaning and turn it into a brand with a profitable vision for their audiences.

Geert Stox – Strategy & Campaign Architect Mostra

After a couple of smaller projects, I started learning the metier at DDB Needham on brands like Côte d’Or, as Account Executive. My responsibilities evolved via account director and account planner to strategic director. Since 2000, I’m an independent strategist and witnessed the influence the internet and digital had on the business. As certified Human Centred Designer, the influence of human behaviour on our business is no longer a metier but a passion. Currently I’m strategist and campaign architect at Mostra, the agency that runs several EU campaigns and that has recently launched the corporate campaign of the EC called #EUandME.


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