Bisnode/Radionomy: When data-driven marketing meets Radio

Introduction to the three lunches cycle:
Data management has always been a major challenge for most companies moreover in a universe where new sets of data are generated everyday. Organizations are now facing the need of leveraging the power of big data and analytics to create value. Indeed analysing data qualitatively lead companies towards a more data-driven approach but also creatively-driven opportunities. Doing so they manage to turn big data into smart data. Our next lunches cycle will be dedicated to the process of making big data smarter in order to be effectively used and become valuable.

Introduction to the intervention of the day:
When it comes to data-driven marketing it is all about conducting faster and better decisions to reach the customer accurately. In this respect, marketers have now access to new tools and data to leverage their campaigns in a smart way.

But benefiting from the full potential of data requires expertise and ability to make them talk to each other especially when the scope becomes multi-directional as it is the case in the media business.

To bring us up to speed with this emerging trend two main actors from the data and media businesses will share their experiences and best practices to elaborate smart data models such as targetted advertising.

Miquel Matthys – Associate Strategy & Innovation Consultant, Bisnode

Miquel works in Bisnode Belgium as a Strategy & Innovation Consultant.
He has been working intensively on new types of advertising models for Bisnode’s client portfolio.
More specifically he focuses on bringing the Advertiser and the Media Owners closer together with Bisnode as intermediate and trusted third party.
This allows Advertisers to reach only those they want to engage with, and Media Owners to sell their inventory more efficiently to the market by creating more value for every stakeholder in the value chain.


Eric van der Haegen – Country Manager Belgium, Radionomy

After gaining experience in various areas of digital production, for the past 6 years Eric van der Haegen has specialised in digital audio media. The Radionomy group for which he works operates in the US and in a number or countries in Europe. Eric is responsible for international partnerships, both in terms of selling digital audio advertising, as well as for negotiating agreements with data and technology partners in adserving.  He also put on his director’s hat for Belgium to handle the launch of production at the beginning of 2016.

Jean François Mauguit – CTO, Radionomy

CTO of the Radionomy group, Jean François Mauguit has been the technical driving force behind the group since it began. His credits include the creation of all the tools used today in the digital radio medium by Radionomy and the group’s various companies. Management of streaming, radio manager, advertising insertion, adserving, dmp, etc. As a marketing graduate, Jean François quickly became well known in Belgium as a technical director. He has been involved in the creation of several web companies, each time leading the technical side of the business. These include Skynet, Winbox, Mcube and Radionomy.  He currently manages a team of developers spread between Brussels and New York.