A.I. in Action 2

5 December 2023

“Prompts & Images in AI”

This 2-hour workshop is not just another lecture. You will get the chance to learn and practice how to use AI to generate images for your marketing campaigns.


Led by industry experts Cédric Cauderlier (Mountainview) and Geoffrey Chaudoir (Marketique), this workshop will cover:


Two inseparable axes for the creation of good marketing content

Content topics
• Use AI to identify relevant content topics for your target groups
• How to develop relevant prompts to identify pertinent marketing
content topics
• Develop content with AI for your blog, social media or e-mail campaigns

Content Image
• The basics of AI image generation
• Which AI image generation services are available
• How to use AI image generation safely and ethically
• How to create data-driven marketing content using AI images

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to level up your marketing skills with AI—secure your spot today.

Cédric Cauderlier
Cédric is active in the digital industry since early 2000. Graduated from the Harvard Business School in digital strategy, he will share his expertise with you. With a strong background as head of digital at Danone group, he is now lead digital strategist @Mountainview agency helping companies integrate a digital mindset.

Geoffrey Chaudoir
Digital Marketing & Strategy Consultant.
Turning your web presence and communication into a sales channel. Helping businesses in banking, insurance, software, automotive and FMCG achieve successful outcomes. Coaching digital immigrants into digital natives, one question at a time.

There are a limited number of slots available; all you’ll need is a laptop and an innovative spirit to dive into the transformative landscape of AI in marketing.


  • 16:30 Check-in
  • 16:45 Start of the session & Welcome speech : Hugues Rey
  • 17:00 Workshop by Cedric Cauderlier and Geoffrey Chaudoir
  • 19:00 Conclusions
  • 19:30 Drink
  • 20:00  End

Price : 75€ (excl. VAT)


RTL House, Avenue Jacques Georgin, 2 at 1030 Brussels