A.I. in Action 1

9 November 2023

“Unleash AI’s Potential in Your Marketing Campaigns”

AI has taken the world by storm, with numerous conferences focusing on its impact on the marketing industry.

However, this 2-hour BMMA session is not just another seminar. Instead, you’re invited to a practical workshop led by David Grunewald (Pluginto.ai) and Hubert de Cartier (Universem). 

This session will teach you advanced prompt engineering techniques that can be applied to a variety of marketing tasks, such as gathering customer insights, brainstorming product evolutions, and analysing competitors.

Our workshop serves as your gateway into the era of Collective Intelligence, ensuring that you leave with actionable tips and tricks. These will be immediately put to use in a hands-on exercise designed to assist you in your daily marketing operations.

There are a limited number of slots available; all you’ll need is a laptop and an innovative spirit to dive into the transformative landscape of AI in marketing.

 Don’t miss this unique opportunity to level up your marketing skills with AI—secure your spot today.


Hubert de Cartier

Hubert is the Co-Founder & Partner of Universem, a leading independent digital agency with 30 digital experts to support the digital ambition of 60+ customers. For more than 15 years, he is advising customers on their marketing strategies in a digital context. Passionate by digital innovation, he is always eager to learn and share knowledge on digital marketing. 


David Grunewald

David brings over 25 years of advertising and marketing experience, where he has served as a catalyst for technological transformation in various strategist and management roles. Also a transformative teacher in Digital Strategy and Advertising at institutions like ULB, ICHEC, and the European Communication School, he has spent a decade preparing the next generation of marketers with cutting-edge trends and tools. After completing the MIT program ‘AI Implications for Business Strategy’ in 2023, he founded Pluginto.ai with the mission to empower organisations and individuals to harness AI as a competitive advantage. Leveraging an MIT-based methodology, Pluginto.ai provides strategic guidance and custom workshops to cultivate an AIcentric culture, unlocking new levels of efficiency and growth.



  • 16:30 Check-in
  • 16:45 Start of the session & Welcome speech by Hugues Rey
  • 17:00 Workshop by David Grunewald and Hubert de Cartier
  • 19:00 Conclusions
  • 19:30 Drink
  • 20:00  End

Price : 75€ (excl. VAT)


RTL House, Avenue Jacques Georgin, 2 at 1030 Brussels