Leadership in Action

In one day, you will learn about yourself and others through the lenses of a unique personality type model, the Enneagram, in order to fuel your leadership style and to foster the cohesion of your team(s)

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Workshop Benefits

Personality test

Prior to the workshop, you will take a scientifically validated personality test

Comprehensive report

During the workshop, you will receive your results and a book to illustrate your profile

Experiental workshop

Our teaching approach is based on experiencing the energy of each profile

Workshop outline

During this one-day immersive active training, you will discover the 9 Enneatype profiles and how to build team cohesion within your organisation by deploying this new tool that addresses the human factor in a unique fashion.

This workshop will make you discover :

  • An innovative personality type model : the Enneagram
  • Your personal enneatype profile
  • The benefits of integrating the Enneagram in your corporate context
  • How to build a Team Map based on the team members’ profiles

Practical details

26th September 2024 (NEW DATE !)

Price & Content

735 € excl. VAT which includes:

  • 1 day workshop
  • Personal test and report
  • A book about all 9 enneagram types

Schedule & Specificities

from 9 AM until 5 PM

  • Welcome 8:30 AM
  • Drinks and food for the breaks and lunch
  • Session will be mainly in French (English & Dutch available)


Havas Café (Havas Media Belgium)


Catherine Malchaire


David Hachez



max 25 seats available